Inland Tank Barges and Pressure Barges

pressure barges and tank bargesSneed Shipbuilding is a leader in the manufacturing of inland tank barges and pressure barges to safely and efficiently transport bulk liquids where they are needed most. We understand that every load must be transported with the upmost attention to specific customer and regulatory compliance to ensure environmental responsibility and safety of the people and communities in which our vessels operate. Our inland tank barges and pressure barges are well-equipped to transport a variety of liquids, including petroleum, fuel and fuel oils, specialty chemicals, fertilizer, ethanol, ammonia and much more.

Sneed’s liquid cargo barges are proven to transport your precious cargo with specific customer needs in mind:

  • Custom Manufacturing Built to Customer Specifications
  • Inland and Offshore Design & Engineering
  • Rigorous QA/QC Protocols
  • On-Time/On-Budget Delivery
  • Comfortable and Efficient Crew Accommodations
  • Wide Variety of Liquid and Volume Options
  • Environmental and Safety Compliance
  • Sneed’s Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

Whether you need one barge or a fleet of barges, rely on Sneed Shipbuilding to keep your projects moving. Contact us today.