Lift Boats

Marine construction projects offer unique challenges for service companies and operators. That’s why Sneed Shipbuilding is committed to providing some of the industry’s most innovative lift boat designs on the market today. Our vessels are designed to safely and efficiently go to where the work is - and each custom-design is fit-for-purpose for the tasks at hand.

With a growing number of vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, our shallow water lift boats serve a growing number of customers including independent and oil & gas operators, gas transmission companies and a wide variety of oil & gas service companies. In addition, Sneed Shipbuilding also builds workhorse push boats and shift boats to provide our customers a full fleet of resources to complete any task on the water imaginable.

Our proven designs are built to suit your specific needs and include the following features:

  • Custom Engineering & Design to Match Customer Requirements
  • High-Quality Welding & Craftsmanship with Rigorous QA/QC
  • Leading-Edge Power Sources for Propulsion & Lift
  • Industry Standard Safety Features
  • Comfortable Crew Quarters
  • Large Deck Areas with Efficient Deck Loads
  • Three and Four Leg Designs
  • Quick & Efficient Jack-Up Times
  • Optimal Crane Capacities & Options
  • Sneed’s Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

Whether you need a single vessel or a fleet, rely on Sneed Shipbuilding to keep your projects moving. Contact us today.